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George Bernard Shaw's




This piercingly funny play expounds masterfully

on the themes of parents and children, love and marriage,

aging and death, atheism and infidelity.


performances begin July 5, 2007


The central mismatch of this delicious 1909 comedy is a decidedly odd couple: Hypatia, the lusty, free-spirited daughter of a free-thinking, philandering father who made a bundle in the underwear business, and her fiancé Bentley, a.k.a. Bunny, who is all brains and no body and the wealthy son of a powerful Lord. Hypatia longs for something unusual to drop out of the sky. It does. An airplane crashes into the greenhouse, bringing to her an intelligent Adonis and to all the men a fascinating female acrobat. Those ingredients might satisfy a lesser writer but G.B. Shaw is just getting started. Before very long there have been eight marriage proposed and a dash of attempted murder. Widely considered to be one of the great classic plays of the English language, Shaw’s Misalliance continues to be as fresh and modern as when it was written, nearly a hundred years ago.




Director - Diego Arciniegas

Set Design - Janie Howland

Costume Design - Rachel Padula Shufelt

Sound Design -John Doershuk

Lighting Designer- John Cuff



Lord Summerhays - Steven Barkhimer*

Mr. Tarleton - Owen Doyle*

Gunner - Gabriel Kuttner*

Bentley - Stephen Libby

Lina - Deberal Ann Lund*

Mrs. Tarleton - M. Lynda Robinson*

Joey Percival - Alejandro Simoes

Hypatia - Heather Wood