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Welcome to "Backstage" of the Publick Theatre's prduction of Copenhagen.  Below you will find a window to the creative process via blog format.  The director, designers, actors and artistic staff discuss their views and challenges they faced while working on Copenhagen.  Be sure to check back for updates!

Diego Arciniegas ~ Director: Thoughts on Directing Copenhagen

Does what we discover reflect more of ourselves than our discoveries? 
Itís not about Physics.  Michael Fraynís beautifully crafted Copenhagen reveals that the motivations behind human behavior may be similar to, and sometimes as unobserveable as, wave and particle theory.  If, at any given time, we canít possibly know all the variables to make a proper decision, how can we possibly look back to explain why, and how, and whether the decision should have been made in the first place?  Three times three people look back over events that changed the world forever.  As we contemplate decisions regarding North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan, the conversation in that park in Copenhagen might just as well be happening today.